by alyszapermalino

The word change in my opinion is very versatile, it can be used in many different context and still mean differently. But here I mean it specifically as something being different from what it used to be. I came across this thought as I recently flipped through old default pictures on Facebook, and seeing old hair color, old haircut, old school, old clothing style, and yes.. old friends too somehow made me feel uncomfortable seeing them and seeing all these changes that came about in my life in a span of 10 years or so. I mean “old” as no longer existing. Old because even if that was me in the old pictures I don’t think that’s me anymore, nor the people that I was with.

I used to be scared of the whole concept of “change”. The most I feared of I guess was changing in the wrong direction because I’ve seen how people talk and react to those things. Although I’ve seen people be judged regardless if they change from good to bad or bad to good. People just notice everything and yes we all have been part of the crowd judging and being judged. You can say that it’s natural human behavior. More so it used to be hard for me to accept changes. From changing environment, friends changing, whatever. I just liked the comfort of what I’m used to. But these past three years has been a whole lot of growing up and getting used to changes (whether I liked it or not). College was all about anticipating changes constantly. It can be from changing classes each quarter, having new sleeping and waking up schedule each day, change in housing situation, etc. It can also be from high school/hometown friends who you thought would be your friends “forever” who you now don’t even talk to. Can be from acquaintances who you meet in classes that you only remain friend for only that quarter since you stop talking after that class ended. Change can definitely come from relationships too, like placing an end to it and its absence creates a hole in your life.

 As you can see change is constant. Change is a healthy thing now I noticed (I mean not unless you change for the worst and put your life in the downright spiral then no). I learned not to get myself be stuck in the glory of the past. I learned to be okay with the changes whether it is about friends, family, love, or career because what matters more in life is the now and the future. I’ve become the person that I am of today because of the changes that occurred in my life, and now I can happily say that I’m okay with it. People change and we must respect how they want their life ought to be. So when people say “You changed”, say “BRUH WTF”.  Just kidding don’t say that.  Don’t be offended, just smile and say “Yes I did, no RAGRETS.”