New Beginnings

by alyszapermalino

“New Beginnings” is a perfect title to this post. I guess to be more precise, this weekend has been busy and filled with new beginnings. 

Two things…

Erik said goodbye to ol’ faithful this weekend. Ol’ faithful was his 1996 Honda Civic and just like people, with years the car aged. It wasn’t only till recently till the car started to break down and with the repairs that it was going to cost, it was obvious that its about time for a new car. Im sure that because of the years behind this car, it had a lot of memories behind it as it went from the original owner to his uncle to his aunt, and then to him (maybe even more owners? who knows?). What i’m sure of is that it ol’ faithful definitely did us well. All of our adventures together wouldn’t be made possible if not for this old thing. It brought us to places that formed these memories that Erik and I will cherish forever. Although the scorching heat with no AC, the broken tail pipe making that loud noise, the constant oil leakage, and etc. made it obvious that a new car is needed. Now Ol’ faithful belongs to a man who fixes cars and who hopes to restore it to something bigger and better. Ol’ faithful is now up for an upgrade and is now in its new beginnings with its new owner, and hopefully serve a great purpose to him as he did for us. Erik is not left empty handed though. Sasha, his new car, will serve him the same purpose and help us carry on and make more memories. But you know what they all say, no one can forget their first car. Nevertheless, cheers to new beginnings.


Second, would be the wedding that my family and Erik attended last friday. I’m greatly fond of weddings because it’s hard not to get emotional, with all the love and compassion that’s in the air. My favorite part was the ceremony itself because that minute when the bride walks the isle, where both of them just staring deep at each other with no words being uttered but tear drops being shed, just for me speaks volume. To me that screams “we made it”. Even if they were together for 16 years already and practically not having to really marry each other with the life that they are already living, just shows their commitment and love for each other by solidifying it with a wedding. My family and I have known them very closely for quite some time now, and we can’t be anymore happy for these two. This is just one definition of “love knows no boundaries”, and everyone and anyone is allowed to love whoever that their heart beats for. I’m glad to be apart of this very special day, and despite of the long years that they’ve already shared;  we’ll all still cheers to their new beginnings. 

Till next post, AKP