Growing up

by alyszapermalino


So today i took my brother to this hipster barbershop over at Katella for a hair cut. It’s his birthday next Saturday and he’s turning 14 so I told him that Erik and I will bring him there as part of his birthday gift. Since… ever, my dad’s been taking him to get his haircut and he just gets whatever my dad feels like he should have, and I guess now he wants change. To me it was sort of weird, weird in a good way. As he was getting his cut, I whispered to Erik, “My brother grew up within this past 10 minutes.” I don’t know maybe it was his hair and the way he look I don’t know. Before he didn’t really care so much with the way he looked, he was one of those lazy boys who you would have to nag to shower and all that. Ever since he got his new hair cut and got all this compliments, he somehow got this new self-confidence. He kept asking me, “sis how’s my hair?” like every 10 minutes. He was so excited to show my parents, and he refused to webcam with his friends cause he wanted it as a surprise for his friends… I mean i guess. But anyways, maybe it was weird to me cause now I realized that I am getting old too. My little brother is no longer little and he’s growing up and maturing. Even more so, he even got a phone call from his friend “Ashley”, and it wasn’t just a quick call… more like long. It was one of those calls where you’d walk around, fiddle with things, etc. and the nosy sister that I am went to the room that he was in, and he’d leave and i’d follow pretending to do things around the room. LOL nosy i know, too bad. I’m so excited for him to experience middle school and high school because I remember it being the best years of my life. We were teaching him today how to look good cause it’s almost those days when its school dance season and he’ll need to score a date, and also just so he’ll believe in himself more. He doubled washed his face today cause he wants to get rid of his pimples, and we did day 21 for the ab challenge so he can get those sexy abs. The teenage years are inching in, and I’m just glad that Erik and I can mentor him in a way where he can look up to us as his big sister and brother. That’s definitely one thing that I wish I had when I was growing up, but now I can pass down the knowledge and the seeds to my own successes within school and all aspects of life. All of this because of a hair cut? WOW. 

New hair = Photo op




Till next post, AKP