proteins, brains, antibodies….blah blah blah

by alyszapermalino

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So as I recently mentioned, I got accepted into a research lab earlier this summer. I’m so thankful for this opportunity because I’ve been really looking for a lab that I feel I can benefit from. I simply didn’t want to do the dirty work like count flies, feed and care for the lab rats, or any mundane work but I wanted a hands-on, learning experience. I was presented with an opportunity for this research last spring and after a month and a half long later, thank goodness I got it. Glabe lab specializes in Alzheimer’s disease and for those who know me personally this topic hits right home for me. I’ve seen this irreversible disease unfold externally, and now I want to see how and why it is the way it is molecularly. 

So I’ve been sectioning brains, staining tissues, culturing cells, and imaging them,  and etc. to localize aggregated amyloid beta proteins using antibodies. Nevertheless, It’s been a blast, and getting to work along side professors and graduate students is only the cherry on top. The long hours has been worth it, despite the fact that I’m on my feet 7 hours of the day.

The lesson to take away is to go out there and expose yourself to every possible opportunity life as to offer, and you never know when a new chance comes knocking your way. For those in that medical route, don’t rush into getting into research, internship, etc right away. Really do your research and do something that you really do enjoy and find beneficial. You’re more likely to be successful if you wake up everyday knowing that you’re doing what you love doing. Cliche yet it’s true. Like the doctor that I intern for, he constantly discourages us for being doctors, and why is that? Because 70% of the doctors hate their job and are unhappy. I wouldn’t want to feel tortured everyday. 

Nevertheless, Cheers to new beginnings and thank you to my family and friends who’s been 110% supportive of me and my future endeavors.

Till next post, AKP