Tabbed out Abbed out

by alyszapermalino

Abs abs abs abs abs..

A couple of really good friends, Shelby and Dennis, with Erik and my brother Kearne took on this 30 day ab challenge. It’s so hard to actually follow through these things alone so it’s such a great motivation to have others do it with you. We actually make it a point every day to keep each other on track by having a Facebook message always buzzing reporting back once they’ve done it. As for me, doing it with Erik and my brother everyday keeps me consistent with this challenge. The reason why I wanted to do it cause I personally just want to be back in shape. That goal seems so far fetch now a days since life is so busy, it’s hard to find time to run or have a full body work out now a days. Yeah… i get some cardio in once in a while. But I guess the ab work out gets me some sort of self conscious on what I eat, and it gives me a good sweat everyday. So i’m proud to say that we’re on DAY 18, 2/3 more or less through the challenge. I get lazy here and there, but I’m thankful for these people that keeps me motivated. So today we took a progress picture, THE ABS ARE COMING TO LIFE! (sorta?). Except Erik…. yeah he’s an exception. 

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Till next post, AKP