by alyszapermalino

I guess this is my very first blog post and lets see if I can keep up with this. I don’t really intend this to be like one of those every day blogs, but just free lancing on what I feel is post-worthy.

UntitledNevertheless, what’s the best way to begin this blog but with a video? Yesterday I finally got to hangout with my girls. I guess always being at UCI because of school and now research, on top of internship just kept me from doing so. Anyways, it’s always a good time with them and it’s always nice to come back to the hometown and see your favorite group of girls. Besides, most of us are now in our quest to fulfill our own future endeavors, hoping to land a spot in the medical field. So its nice to take a pause from the busy, stressful life and just have a small break. I can’t wait till we all finally live that Grey’s anatomy life (although leaving the drama behind). I’m glad they are still not tired of me after more or less 7 years of this friendship.

Till next post, AKP

Video Credit to Roxane