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19 Sobering Truths About Friendship You Need To Accept In Your 20s

My thoughts exactly

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1. The people who you thought would be there for you when it counted are not always going to be there. Sometimes because they quite literally cannot be there, other times because they just don’t want to (anymore).

2. The same will go for you – you’re not always going to (want to) be there for people who need you too.

3. Some of your friends will be more successful than you. And you will be more successful than some of your friends. And this will change over time depending on everyone’s life situation, path, and sheer dumb luck.

4. You will feel like people you’ve known for years don’t know you at all anymore (and you don’t know them either). You will also feel like people you’ve met for five minutes just “get you.” And it’ll be a strange, complex feeling you’re not quite sure how to handle all…

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The word change in my opinion is very versatile, it can be used in many different context and still mean differently. But here I mean it specifically as something being different from what it used to be. I came across this thought as I recently flipped through old default pictures on Facebook, and seeing old hair color, old haircut, old school, old clothing style, and yes.. old friends too somehow made me feel uncomfortable seeing them and seeing all these changes that came about in my life in a span of 10 years or so. I mean “old” as no longer existing. Old because even if that was me in the old pictures I don’t think that’s me anymore, nor the people that I was with.

I used to be scared of the whole concept of “change”. The most I feared of I guess was changing in the wrong direction because I’ve seen how people talk and react to those things. Although I’ve seen people be judged regardless if they change from good to bad or bad to good. People just notice everything and yes we all have been part of the crowd judging and being judged. You can say that it’s natural human behavior. More so it used to be hard for me to accept changes. From changing environment, friends changing, whatever. I just liked the comfort of what I’m used to. But these past three years has been a whole lot of growing up and getting used to changes (whether I liked it or not). College was all about anticipating changes constantly. It can be from changing classes each quarter, having new sleeping and waking up schedule each day, change in housing situation, etc. It can also be from high school/hometown friends who you thought would be your friends “forever” who you now don’t even talk to. Can be from acquaintances who you meet in classes that you only remain friend for only that quarter since you stop talking after that class ended. Change can definitely come from relationships too, like placing an end to it and its absence creates a hole in your life.

 As you can see change is constant. Change is a healthy thing now I noticed (I mean not unless you change for the worst and put your life in the downright spiral then no). I learned not to get myself be stuck in the glory of the past. I learned to be okay with the changes whether it is about friends, family, love, or career because what matters more in life is the now and the future. I’ve become the person that I am of today because of the changes that occurred in my life, and now I can happily say that I’m okay with it. People change and we must respect how they want their life ought to be. So when people say “You changed”, say “BRUH WTF”.  Just kidding don’t say that.  Don’t be offended, just smile and say “Yes I did, no RAGRETS.”





Today marked the beginning of a crazy year with my room mates. We moved in our 2 story condo, which we can now call our new home. I’m excited for what’s to come with these girls in the Pinay Palace. I’ve lived with randoms the past two years and it was a great risk worth taking since I became great friends with them, but it’s about time that I live with my own friends. People say not to live with friends as it can cause unnecessary drama, which sometimes end friendships, but I think friends or not it can happen. It’s just a matter of everyone being considerate and understanding of each other. Yes it’s easier said than done, but It’s not impossible. More so, a great thing about it is that our parents already get along so it’s just like one big filipino party. I’m excited for what’s to come. The late nights, the early mornings, and all the things that happen in between. I can’t wait to make memories with all of you and for us to fulfill all of the things that we have already planned. First things first, HOUSEWARMING PARTY. Cheers to the 159 girls, Cornell ain’t ready for us. 

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New Beginnings

“New Beginnings” is a perfect title to this post. I guess to be more precise, this weekend has been busy and filled with new beginnings. 

Two things…

Erik said goodbye to ol’ faithful this weekend. Ol’ faithful was his 1996 Honda Civic and just like people, with years the car aged. It wasn’t only till recently till the car started to break down and with the repairs that it was going to cost, it was obvious that its about time for a new car. Im sure that because of the years behind this car, it had a lot of memories behind it as it went from the original owner to his uncle to his aunt, and then to him (maybe even more owners? who knows?). What i’m sure of is that it ol’ faithful definitely did us well. All of our adventures together wouldn’t be made possible if not for this old thing. It brought us to places that formed these memories that Erik and I will cherish forever. Although the scorching heat with no AC, the broken tail pipe making that loud noise, the constant oil leakage, and etc. made it obvious that a new car is needed. Now Ol’ faithful belongs to a man who fixes cars and who hopes to restore it to something bigger and better. Ol’ faithful is now up for an upgrade and is now in its new beginnings with its new owner, and hopefully serve a great purpose to him as he did for us. Erik is not left empty handed though. Sasha, his new car, will serve him the same purpose and help us carry on and make more memories. But you know what they all say, no one can forget their first car. Nevertheless, cheers to new beginnings.


Second, would be the wedding that my family and Erik attended last friday. I’m greatly fond of weddings because it’s hard not to get emotional, with all the love and compassion that’s in the air. My favorite part was the ceremony itself because that minute when the bride walks the isle, where both of them just staring deep at each other with no words being uttered but tear drops being shed, just for me speaks volume. To me that screams “we made it”. Even if they were together for 16 years already and practically not having to really marry each other with the life that they are already living, just shows their commitment and love for each other by solidifying it with a wedding. My family and I have known them very closely for quite some time now, and we can’t be anymore happy for these two. This is just one definition of “love knows no boundaries”, and everyone and anyone is allowed to love whoever that their heart beats for. I’m glad to be apart of this very special day, and despite of the long years that they’ve already shared;  we’ll all still cheers to their new beginnings. 

Till next post, AKP

Different dreams, Same person

People have numerous dreams at night during the REM stage of sleep, but the odd thing about dreams is that we can barely remember one vividly. I mean its one thing to have dreams, but to dream about the same person more than once? That seems quite odd… right? Within this past two weeks, I remember having 3 or 4 dreams about this one particular old friend; although, the situation every dream differs each time. It’s so weird to me because I wake up every morning and thinking “what the heck was that?”. I’m not going to go in detail about the dreams, (though I don’t remember them as much to be honest) but I’m just going to say that they are just normal nothing gross or anything. Even more weird is that I don’t even talk to this person now a days. This person was indeed someone that used to be a big part of my life but we’ve long drifted years ago and lost touch. I told Erik about these dreams each time they came, and he jokes around about rekindling and what not but we both know thats not going to happen LOL. So I was just super curious today and I wanted to see whether there’s some theories to why this particular person keeps showing up in my dreams. Although, I know that people just post information and most (if not all) are not plausible or backed up by some whatever scientific fact or experiment. Well so here’s what I’ve found:

“Dreaming about the same person over and over again could just mean that you are thinking about that person a lot in real life.” But I haven’t really… 

” If this same person is reappearing frequently it could mean that they have something to tell you or that you need to talk to this person.”

“Have you ever wished, in the last months, to feel a bond to someone, to be reunited with something that is missing in you?” Possibly?

Maybe there’s a reason and maybe not. Maybe i’m subconsciously just wanting to reunite the friendship? I mean why not.. who knows. But in retrospect, I can continuously post more and more explanations that I can find online, but I guess these dreams shouldn’t be interpreted so literally.

I hope you’re doing alright wherever you are, and I wish you nothing but the best.

Till next post, AKP

Growing up


So today i took my brother to this hipster barbershop over at Katella for a hair cut. It’s his birthday next Saturday and he’s turning 14 so I told him that Erik and I will bring him there as part of his birthday gift. Since… ever, my dad’s been taking him to get his haircut and he just gets whatever my dad feels like he should have, and I guess now he wants change. To me it was sort of weird, weird in a good way. As he was getting his cut, I whispered to Erik, “My brother grew up within this past 10 minutes.” I don’t know maybe it was his hair and the way he look I don’t know. Before he didn’t really care so much with the way he looked, he was one of those lazy boys who you would have to nag to shower and all that. Ever since he got his new hair cut and got all this compliments, he somehow got this new self-confidence. He kept asking me, “sis how’s my hair?” like every 10 minutes. He was so excited to show my parents, and he refused to webcam with his friends cause he wanted it as a surprise for his friends… I mean i guess. But anyways, maybe it was weird to me cause now I realized that I am getting old too. My little brother is no longer little and he’s growing up and maturing. Even more so, he even got a phone call from his friend “Ashley”, and it wasn’t just a quick call… more like long. It was one of those calls where you’d walk around, fiddle with things, etc. and the nosy sister that I am went to the room that he was in, and he’d leave and i’d follow pretending to do things around the room. LOL nosy i know, too bad. I’m so excited for him to experience middle school and high school because I remember it being the best years of my life. We were teaching him today how to look good cause it’s almost those days when its school dance season and he’ll need to score a date, and also just so he’ll believe in himself more. He doubled washed his face today cause he wants to get rid of his pimples, and we did day 21 for the ab challenge so he can get those sexy abs. The teenage years are inching in, and I’m just glad that Erik and I can mentor him in a way where he can look up to us as his big sister and brother. That’s definitely one thing that I wish I had when I was growing up, but now I can pass down the knowledge and the seeds to my own successes within school and all aspects of life. All of this because of a hair cut? WOW. 

New hair = Photo op




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proteins, brains, antibodies….blah blah blah

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So as I recently mentioned, I got accepted into a research lab earlier this summer. I’m so thankful for this opportunity because I’ve been really looking for a lab that I feel I can benefit from. I simply didn’t want to do the dirty work like count flies, feed and care for the lab rats, or any mundane work but I wanted a hands-on, learning experience. I was presented with an opportunity for this research last spring and after a month and a half long later, thank goodness I got it. Glabe lab specializes in Alzheimer’s disease and for those who know me personally this topic hits right home for me. I’ve seen this irreversible disease unfold externally, and now I want to see how and why it is the way it is molecularly. 

So I’ve been sectioning brains, staining tissues, culturing cells, and imaging them,  and etc. to localize aggregated amyloid beta proteins using antibodies. Nevertheless, It’s been a blast, and getting to work along side professors and graduate students is only the cherry on top. The long hours has been worth it, despite the fact that I’m on my feet 7 hours of the day.

The lesson to take away is to go out there and expose yourself to every possible opportunity life as to offer, and you never know when a new chance comes knocking your way. For those in that medical route, don’t rush into getting into research, internship, etc right away. Really do your research and do something that you really do enjoy and find beneficial. You’re more likely to be successful if you wake up everyday knowing that you’re doing what you love doing. Cliche yet it’s true. Like the doctor that I intern for, he constantly discourages us for being doctors, and why is that? Because 70% of the doctors hate their job and are unhappy. I wouldn’t want to feel tortured everyday. 

Nevertheless, Cheers to new beginnings and thank you to my family and friends who’s been 110% supportive of me and my future endeavors.

Till next post, AKP